We are the one of the leading suppliers for oil and gas sector for their wide range of safety products and services. The company is holding many pioneer agencies for the territory of Arabian Gulf. .

and also supplies special equipments like fire-fighting and rescue vehicles, crash tenders, aircraft refueling trucks, military field hospitals and accessories, ballistic protection and army safety equipment.

Capital Safety has developed a number of instructional videos about its products, as well as general equipment use and inspection, and industry-specific fall protection solutions. You can stream these videos directly on our site.


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Saflok™ Pole Anchor System

style="text-align: left;">The unique Saflok™ Pole Anchor System allows linemen to free climb poles with 100% fall protection. This system has been specifically designed to address most congested pole scenarios allowing the worker to climb into position around obstructions. Extensive linemen field testing has successfully proven both the ease of use and fall protection capabilities of the Saflok™ Pole Anchor System.


Rollgliss® R500 Descender (1:15)

The Rollgliss® R500 offers the choice of controlled descent rescue, evacuation or the versatility of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. This state-of-the-art, fully automatic controlled descent device sets new standards of performance and safety in the rescue market.



Lad-Saf® Flexible Cable Ladder Safety System (7:18)

With DBI/SALA's Lad-Saf® Flexible Cable Ladder Safety Systems you are always assured of complete safety and security when climbing fixed ladders on poles, towers, tanks, etc. Non-metallic cable guides reduce cable wear, permitting you to ascend or descend unhindered. The economical, easy to use systems are available for straight or curved ladders and for connection to wood, concrete or steel structures.


Tension Limiter Demonstration (1:15)

The Tension Limiter connects in-line between the person being raised and the winch line to act as a safety link. A high visibility yellow line deploys under load. The device automatically resets itself after load has been removed.



Rollgliss® Self Retracting Lifeline Rescue Device (1:06)

The Rollgliss® SRL Rescue Device is designed to rescue a person that has fallen while using a cable self retracting lifeline. Once anchored, it takes seconds to complete the installation and begin the rescue procedure. The Rollgliss® SRL Rescue Device is ideal for use in jobsite locations where rescue personnel may not be readily available or do not exist. Applications include: construction, oil and gas, transportation, utility work, plant/facility work, and general maintenance.



Rescue & Descent Devices (2:32)

Featuring the DBI-SALA Rescue & Positioning System (RDP), First Man-Up Pole System, Rollgliss Top R350 and more!


Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry (18:27)

Wind Energy environments demand a full range of fall protection solutions to meet the needs of a dynamic workplace. That's why contractors turn to Capital Safety for industry expertise, superior quality products and continual systems innovation.


i-Safe™ 2.0 - The Next Generation in Safety Equipment Management (8:47)

The innovative i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System from DBI-SALA has been improved and upgraded to help make managing a safety program easier and more cost effective. The web-based system consists of a web portal for easy information management and a mobile device for on-site inspections. The system allows you to easily record and access information on inspections, inventory and user information information. Track equipment assignments by worker or location. View or download safety and equipment instructions, access links to safety standards and more! This video provides you with a comprehensive look at the features and benefits of this innovative new product.



Capital Safety - Worldwide Experts in Fall Protection & Rescue (6:55)

This video program introduces viewers to the Capital Safety Group. Highlights include our new product innovations, training programs, commitment to quality and industry-leading expertise in the design and manufacture of the world's greatest fall protection and rescue systems. 7 minutes.?


Fall Protection Training & Consulting from Capital Safety (4:00)

Not all training is equal and certificates will not protect workers at height. That's why our courses are based upon sound educational principles and designed to a standard that ensures you are truly trained as competent. This video program highlights our state-of-the-art traing centers and gives the viewer an overview of the types of courses we offer throughout the year. 4 minutes.


Installing the DBI-SALA Border Guard Netting System (11:47)

This video is intended to compliment the User Instruction Manual that came with your new perimeter netting system. Please keep them together for close reference. This video program refers to additional and important information regarding the installation of this system.


Rollgliss® Rescue Emergency Decent Device (11:08)

The Emergency Rescue Descent Device provides a safe and controlled descent from elevated structures. This 11-minute instructional video is intended to compliment the Operator's Manual and can be used as part of an employee training program.


Talon® Self Retracting Lifelines (12:34)

This video showcases a variety of TALON® models and is intended to compliment the Operator’s Manual. This video can be used as part of an employee training program.



Fall Protection for the Construction Industry (19:12)

Fall protection is a complicated issue and one of the most important faced by an employer or worksite supervisor. With over 100,000 reported incidents per year, falls from heights almost always result in serious injury. In the construction industry, falls are the number one cause of worker death. This industry-specific video program is dedicated to keeping construction workers safe while on the job!

DBI-SALA Advanced Portable Tanker Access Ladder System (10:03)

An 11 minute promotional and demonstrational video that introduces you to the DBI-SALA Advanced Portable Tanker Access Ladder System. This production covers a wide range of product features and demonstrates how to safely operate it.


Harness Donning (13:20)

This video contains demonstrations showing you how to properly don and care for a variety of DBI-SALA and PROTECTA harnesses.


Fall Protection Equipment Inspection (18:40)

This video will show you what to look for before and after using your fall protection equipment.


Self Contained Vacuum Anchor (6:46)

The unique Vacuum Anchor system was designed to provide a unique means of attaching to structural surfaces to create a fall arrest anchor point without time – consuming attachment activities. The convenient carrying handle and lightweight design allows simple installation. The self contained vacuum anchor operates on shop air or on-board compressed air bottle so no special outside power sources are needed. To install, simply press vacuum anchor pad assembly up against surface, turn on vacuum switch, wait for gauge indication and connect lanyard to system.


EZ-Line™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System (2:20)

EZ-Line™ is the most user friendly and fastest horizontal lifeline system to install, remove and store on the market today! EZ-Line’s innovative retractable design allows the user to quickly and efficiently set-up any length of system in only seconds and dismantle it just as quick.


Thinking About Fall Protection (19:54)

This video introduces you to an informative aspect of the fall protection industry requirements. You’ll have the confidence of being provided with fall protection knowledge ranging from compliant to expert solutions.