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Our Vehicle Body Fabrication Division is able to manufacture all types of Vehicle Bodies, Trailers, Low Beds, Flat Beds, Tankers, Special or Abnormal Heavy Lifting Machinery, Trucks (with Crane), Tail Lifts, Winches .We can also carry out Armoring and Special Defense jobs upon request.

Furthermore, our division is closely working with all major agencies throughout ME and Asian Regions for all types of Vehicle Body Fabrication & Different kinds of Storage and Transportation Fabrication.

• All kinds of Tipper and dumpers.
• All kinds of storage tanker from 5000 IG to 20000 IG.
• Truck mounted fuel tanks and water tanks.
• Cargo bodies and closed bodies on all types of chassis.
• Trailers 25ton to 100 ton.
• Trailer tippers 25 to 45 cbm
• Trailer tanks 5000Ig to 11000 IG
• Structural fabrication works.
• All types of tail lift fittings.
• Fabrication of all types of goods carrying bodies.
• Mobile workshops
• Skeleton trailers / port trailers.
• Insulated panel bodies.